The Isle of Wight is renowned for its beautiful countryside and marvellous network of bridleways and hacking.

Here at Godshill Park Farm it is possible to get straight onto the bridleway network from the farm without venturing onto the road if wished.

We have large, airy stables, home grown organic hay, large concrete enclosed yard and selection of paddocks for turnout.

We take bookings on an individual basis and would like to invite you to stay with us.
Rates for horses are £10 to 20 per horse per night which includes up to 1 bale of hay per horse per week (more can be purchased if necessary) and wood shavings for bedding – guest to do own mucking out and care for horse unless otherwise arranged.

Please ensure your horse is in an established worming regime prior to arrival and that you bring your own hard feed, feed bowl, haynet and water buckets.

We will do our best to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe stay with us, but accept no liability for any events, damage, loss or injury, during your stay.Looking forward to your visit.

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Horse Holiday Isle of Wight